Attention deficit: for all the people distracted

Are you doing something important and your mind is wandering around? Or have you been paying too much attention to something for too long? Or again, while you do whatever yo have to your mind thinks of a thousand others? Not to mention the need to move. Here I am, I understand you perfectly because I’m exactly like you. In fact, among other things, I was diagnosed with an attention deficit. This diagnosis didn’t take me particularly off guard because it had been a while since I had wondered why it was so difficult for me to do things like the others. An example would be to stay seated for a certain amount of time and concentrate on the work I have to do. Almost impossible, even when I manage to remain seated for the required time, my mind doesn’t remain concentrated all the time, but hops from side to side.
This introduction was to make you understand that you’re not alone, I am here too. The title of the post derives from the reputation we carry with us until we are diagnosed and in some cases even later. “Distracted”. We are so called because we are seeing as people unable to concentrate on things and who always seem to be on the clouds. But what I want to say is that ours is more a problem of attention control than lack of attention. Because we can concentrate on doing it, the problem is to do it on the right things. This is a situation that can be experienced by anyone suffering from this deficit when it goes into hyperfocus. In fact it consists in concentrating excessively or in any case more than is due on a single thing. Generally it happens with things that we particularly like. This leads the people around us to say things like “why don’t you concentrate in the same way to do x?”; “If only you put the same commitment into doing y in doing x then there would be no problems”; “Do you see that you are able to concentrate? The problem is just that you don’t want “. I believe that anyone suffering from attention deficit at any level has heard these phrases and also felt wrong. So he made a commitment to try to do what was required without particular results. This is because the mind continued to go around despite his efforts. We are constantly in need of new stimuli otherwise we begin to wander towards other things. This is why we manage to do things well enough when the expiration date is practically at the door. In fact the fact of having to deliver or finish the job gives us that extra charge that allows us to concentrate. While if we see that the deadline is far we don’t have that adrenaline that leads us to concentration accordingly.
So having said this we understood that it’s not a question of wanting to do things but of an inability of our brain to focus on one thing at a time instead of one hundred all together. I therefore feel like saying that those who suffer from this deficit should not be seen as lazy, because on the contrary, at times we put all our efforts into succeeding, but we should be encouraged and supported along our path. In fact, on our part there is a great daily effort to try to do everything we need at the right time. We also need to concentrate a lot to keep good conversations and not talk about things that go through our minds but have nothing to do with the topic we are talking about. In fact, I realized that when I’m particularly tired and I’m about to fall asleep my filter disappears and I say everything that goes through my mind without thinking about it. This made me think about how much I contain and control myself during the day.
I hope that today’s article has helped you to make a little more clarity about what attention deficit is and why we shouldn’t be called distracted or otherwise we shouldn’t be accused of not wanting to do things most of the time . The next article will cover panic attacks so if you are interested stay close. See you next time!


  1. Janay

    This is a great post very informative! I often find myself unable to concentrate or I can’t focus for too long. I hate when people think I’m doing it to be rude or and I hate when people think I’m just not interested.

    1. Post

      I can understand your feelings, it’s very heartbreaking when someone thinks you are acting like that on purpose.

  2. Emily

    This was very interesting. I have never really thought about this deficit before. I struggle to concentrate at times, but not to this extent. Very informative post on the topic.

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    1. Post

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