To be at home.

In the last months, the life of a great number of people has been changed for the virus. We had to change our routines and adapt ourselves to live in a different way with respect to the past. They told us to stay at home and exit only for necessities. It’s fine so we have tried to exit rarely and fill our days at home with productive, more or less, activities. That difficult period for somebody it’s even more complicated to manage.

Today I’ll talk to you about my experience. When I was younger I suffered for years of depression and that’s the reason why I had for a very long time suicide thoughts but fortunately, I never tried to do it. Thanks to the therapy started a few years ago and my effort I manage to overcome that period and feelings. At least until some weeks ago. I say this because I started feeling worse than usual and for a moment my suicide thoughts were there, again. It was a single moment but it was capable to take me back at how I was feeling various years ago. The problem was that I was alone at home the most part of the day with the company of my animals and without the possibility to see someone in person, that situation began to hurt my mental health.

I recognized my thoughts, even if it was only one time, so I tried to cheer me up and fill my days with activities that could entertain me and let the time fly faster. In that way, I tried to not fall again in the black hole caused by that period at home. Fortunately, even if it’s far away, I had my girlfriend that helped me, supported me, and to which I could say everything.

So to whoever felt that his mental health was struggling due to that period at home, I want to remember; you are not alone, talk about it.