Me, myself and I

The diagnosis that changed my life.

Here I am in front of you to face this new adventure. Everything seems so strange to me. I was diagnosed early last summer and I still can’t believe it really happened. Anyway, let’s start from the beginning.

Hello to all of you who are reading, who speaks to you is a girl like many, one of those that you probably wouldn’t turn to look at not having anything special at least at first sight. I say this because if you stopped to observe me you might notice how I almost always tend to move in some way, whether it is beating with the foot or playing with the hands; as I tend to be anxious when someone I don’t know approaches me regardless of the reason or if you’re lucky, or bad lucky that depends on you, one of my panic attacks. This is me, or at least it’s a part of me. I am in fact learning that in me there is much more than my various problems, there is a person complete with her personality, her past, her own merits and of course also defects.

In the last year and a half, I can say that my life has changed for the better thanks to my hard work and my commitment and the various specialists that follow me. Precisely for this reason, I decided to open this blog, to show that we can improve, that there is a whole life to live beyond our difficulties. I will try to share with you what I have learned over the years and for this reason, I will focus mainly on those that are also my difficulties as I don’t feel ready to engage in discourses that don’t belong to me and I think everyone should talk about what he is and knows.

I will also share episodes of my life as a result, but I want to say it already from now, it is just episodes of my life and how my various problems are presented to me. They are not absolute truths. Although generally there are fixed points for everyone that doesn’t mean that everyone lives the same things in the same way and above all I have said generally because there are also exceptions and we have to be aware of it. Everyone lives it in their own way and an episode or experience is not necessarily more valid than another because it refers to the specific person and no one other than that person can know what it meant to him. This is to say that every experience has its own validity and importance.

I hope that my writings can help at least some of you because if that were the case then the goal with which I opened this blog would be reached and I couldn’t be happier. Anyone who wants to write for any reason; that it is to give me suggestions, that he founds himself in something I wrote, that simply wants to talk to me; he is invited to do so via the box at the end of the page. I’m always open to comparison and to meet new people, despite my fear, but behind the screen is easier, so do not worry and the next time I’ll talk about my biggest problem!


  1. Jennifer

    This post was very informative and I have compassion for you and others who are struggling with this. I’m not sure if you believe in God or not but he loves you! Just know that God wants to heal you and if you just ask and believe that he is willing it will be done.

    1. Post

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