Panic attack: what it is and how it shows

Panic attack.
Compared to other problems we don’t talk much about it. In spite of everything, it’s an important problem that those who suffer from it feel it’s very important in particular for the consequences it brings. In fact, although symptoms can change from person to person, there are similar consequences for everyone. Today I would like to talk to you about this problem that partly affects me too. The name perfectly describes what it is, sudden moments of panic that sometimes happen even for no apparent reason. Often these are confused by people who don’t suffer from it as simple anxiety and the advice that is often given is to remain calm and that everyone is anxious from time to time. But what they don’t understand is that unlike anxiety that is always linked to specific reasons, the panic attack as mentioned above may very well haven’t rational reasons.
I’ve been suffering from it for a while, even if at the beginning I classified them as simple anxiety believing that everyone lived it like this until I realized that in reality it was much stronger in me. Below I’ll tell you how panic attacks occur and how I react.
I immediately notice when I’m about to have a panic attack compared to when it comes to simple anxiety because the first thing I feel is a weight on my chest that makes me believe I can’t breathe well, I feel that I can’t get enough air in the lungs as if I’m drowning. Then the walls seem to cling on me and a single thought loops in my brain, “I have to escape”, in fact that is the only thing I can think of, that I have to escape from wherever I am and go to hide or put myself in a corner and close me like a hedgehog. I can’t think of anything else, anything else is eliminated from my mind and only the desire to escape remains while meanwhile the tears take over. Then after a few minutes I can generally recover and come back to myself, but it always leaves me feeling very tired. But sometimes I can check it first, especially if I don’t get to tears. This is how I live them every time they arrive.
I know that the way to live them changes from person to person but as I said there are fixed points. Like the feeling of dying it brings, you don’t feel responsible for your mind, in fact it seems to take over and we can’t go back to controlling it. We are at the mercy of our own brain with little chance of recovering it before the collapse. Our mind sends us wrong signals, tells us to be in danger when in reality nothing dangerous is actually happening. He always feels attached and makes us feel in danger when in reality we are perfectly safe and there is nothing to worry about. It’s not able to calibrate when we are really in danger and when we aren’t. For this reason, sometimes it starts even when there isn’t the slightest need.
For this reason we should learn different techniques to cope with it when we feel that the anxiety that leads to panic attack begins to mount. But we’ll talk about this in another post. Today I wanted to give you an introduction of what panic attack is and how I experience it myself. If someone wants to deepen the discussion with me I am always available to talk about it!